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Ebdaat News Paper

Ebdaat newspaper advertising newspaper published every Month in Arabic Ebdaat issued by the company for printing, Are distributed in all the main areas of Istanbul.

When Subscribe announcement in the newspaper creations, you really got:
1 - Print ad and promoted luxury and the finest quality inks ..aozaa in Istanbul within the newspaper paper creations number of 10,000 copies .
2 - Thoughtful distribution of the newspaper at all areas of Istanbul .
3 - Free design for the announcement .
4 - E-Marketing among the most important Arab groups in Istanbul and the Arab world.
5 - Market within the first application of its kind creations allows maximum spread for your ad .

Programing and Devlopment

Programming and development and design of all professional websites and interactive applications nigeriawap

Professional sites characterized by sophistication design is the company's goal when designing and programming Web sites, where we offer web design with the latest technology and techniques in web design service, we do create the website in line with the search engines and all Internet browsers and mobile devices the tablet and the iPhone and others and in line with international standards in the design and programming of websites Good planning is the basis for the success of any Website so we are keen to draw a strategic plan for the site, according to the nature of the site and the nature of its activity and site visitors and customers. After your design and shape the site's initial design and programming team begins to assume their duties in the construction site and are taking into account the technical criteria for the search engines as a basic principle in building a website..

Smart phone applications have become the fastest growing among the software, the most widely used, bypassing the use of smart phones people use desktop and portable computers, and the difference is still expanding and the opportunity to enter the smart phone applications market for the investor to growing consumer segment .

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Ebdaat NewsPaper Application

Featured application on Android devices for free, and browse newspaper download creations in addition to the information and services .. .. distinctive set off into the world of digital creations ... You can download the application newspaper creations through the following link

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